You have to remove the gas logs and its gas burner pipe entirely and replace it with a real gas starter pipe that you can purchase from a stove shop or a hardware store. There are some ceramic logs in there now, but I'd love to burn wood.How can I tell if it's a woodburning fireplace w/ a gas starter or simply a gas fireplace?If it's woodburning, do I need to remove the ceramic logs or can I simply place logs on top? Convenience and efficiency are the main reasons you’d want to convert a wood burning fireplace to gas. Where Can I find the parts I will need to get this working? Choose dense wood such as oak. I have a gas starting wood burning fireplace in our family room and I recently looked into converting the entire thing to a gas fireplace with an insert. They can set the feeling of rooms and influence the design of furniture you choose for that room. Gas starters make it easy to start a fire in a wood-burning fireplace. You’ll be able to also choose the neat and polished stone fireplace style if you prefer a very simple and modern-day fireplace. Wood should be split and stored in a high and dry place for at least six months. I guess we'll have the chimney folks out to give us an esitmate on a good cleaning and retrofit.Thanks again. Submitted: 10 years ago. You have to remove the gas logs and its gas burner pipe entirely and replace it with a real gas starter pipe that you can purchase from a stove shop or a hardware store. Will it give off heat? Stone fireplaces are usually rustic however they may also be part of modern interior designs. As far as outdoor designs go, you may have a built-in fireplace or a portable one which will certainly offer you more options regarding placement and decoration. Today I had a plumber install what looks like a tube with holes connected to a gas line. Is it safe to keep the gas starter burning during the entire time the wood logs are burning? The fireplace is wood burning and I enjoy sitting in the living room in the winter in front of a fire. Illuminated letters are lighting up interiors. A great fireplace design won’t only incorporate innovative ideas but should also support the important security elements. Once the wood is burning, the gas must immediately be shut off. Do I need an insert to convert my woodburning fireplace to gas? Show More. • Turn the gas valve ON gradually until burner ignition occurs. The guys that come highly recommended use extra of the material that is put under and around the logs (sorry I can't remember what is is called at the moment) so that the flames look more realistic. No, I'm not a total idiot, I've just never seen this sort of setup before. It is possible to make it happen with a normal fireplace together with a mantel. Stone fireplace styles provide the traditional fireplace set up look and the typical warm country feel. Additionally, there are methods to create a rock fireplace blend in and be a pure part of the interior decoration. They don't create soot or ash, and they can be shut off when you leave the room without concern about stray embers or coals starting a house fire. The architectural design of your house will help narrow your choices. They included a gas starter when they had the fireplace built. Ventless gas fireplaces are created to be secure indoors with little if any ventilation. Direct vent gas pipe, this safe. It has a masonary firplace and chimney. Replacing a Gas Fireplace With a Wood-Burning Insert. We usually keep the gas starter burning while we burn a couple of pieces of firewood in the fireplace for pleasure. We recently bought a 2014 home with a built in fireplace that has a gas starter. gas and wood fireplace combo Tile fireplaces are another of the numerous fireplace designs you’ll discover. There are several different stone types that may provide you an amazing range of designs. • If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn valve off and wait 5 minutes before trying to relight. While wood-burning fireplaces used to be the norm, many modern homes include gas fireplaces. Designing your have fireplace is an easy task if you’re going to use natural rock. Have vented gas logs installed. I am perplexed by the reference to "dual" system. I can burn either wood (with the choice of using the gas starter to start the burn or just do it the old-fashioned way) or use gas logs - but the gas logs have to be hooked up to the gas line first. Green woods, such as pine, are not recommended for a wood burning fireplace since they can produce more creosote. The gas fire does nothing but send hot, expensive air up the chimney. Gas fireplaces burn cleaner, are easier to use, and require virtually no time to start and stop the fire. It is possible to have the prettiest and most expensive fireplace inside your house always, minus the right adornments to up back again this, your efforts could possibly finish up as useless. Can one have a "dual" fireplace for wood/gas? Any troubleshooting ideas? You will discover that there’s a huge collection of fireplace designs to pick from out there. Starting a wood-burning fire has never been so easy with the help of an efficient gas fireplace starter! All three fireplaces are wood burning. Kung Fu Maintenance shows getting started with new fireplace wood burning fire place maintenance video. It seems they thought you couldn't use wood either.I thought about leaving the ceramic logsjust to make it easier to switch between ambient fire (gas) and heat producing flame (wood). My fireplace … However, it’s vital that you consult with a licensed HVAC professional first to judge the installation and make the necessary adjustments. You may have a gas starter in a wood-burning fireplace. Learn how to install a gas fireplace. Then you can burn wood in your fireplace again. You’ll need to make sure that the brick and mortar, chimney liner, damper, crown and cap are all in good condition. However, gas fireplace starters can be a reliable and convenient substitute for fire-starting practices. This unit has a large viewing area that really gives the homeowner a great look at this fireplace’s flames, and it has an arched cast iron door that gives it a classic look.