Thanks to its strength, iridium spark plugs can last up to 25% longer than comparable platinum spark plugs. We base our decisions on hard facts - not just because someone claims it works and its being done by everbody ;-). Spark plugs are a popular item to change, and it is important to know what a good spark plug vs. a bad one looks like.There are tons of different types of spark plugs (iridium, platinum, standard, pre-gapped, 4 grounded etc.,) but there still are some telltale visual signs that tell you of a bad spark plug (or a poorly running cylinder). Those plugs are rich and maybe oil fouled. This means that no charge is generated for combustion. The sparks are the same size in any plug configuration (side gap or regular) as the spark can physically only go from the center electrode to the ground electrode (hook portion) and does not throw past it. They consist of a terminal at one end that receives the charge, and a center and ground electrode that arc to create a spark. ". 5 years ago Newer spark plugs, those designed with precious metals, should only be manipulated with a feeler or wire-type gap gauge. Whether it's a Brigg's & Stratton rototiller or a Chevy 454, the life IS the spark plugs. Reply Genuine Nissan Value Advantage Hybrid 20" Side Mount Wiper Blade. However, when dealing with a modified engine, you should adjust the NGK iridium spark plugs as needed. Reply Check out the plugs on this page for an extreme version of this plug mod. Some octane boosters say they can harm engines and other parts but give more power. Free shipping . Ever try 100% pure acetone? I like consistency. --------------------------------------------------------------. Parts like the XP-104 Iridium spark plugs are also a good option when replacing the spark plugs. Wrap Pliers with Tape Grip the ground electrode with the needle nose pliers between where the ground electrode is fused to the spark plug thread and the center electrode. It's more than a 100 years later and it's still being used....So There! There is more concern for pollution than your power output and life of your engine. Do not change the gap on platinum, iridium or twin tip spark plugs, as the fine electrodes may get damaged. If anybody can find fault with this view then they are, as far as I'm concerned, welcome to their opinion. Also the long-life electrodes in the street plugs is designed for longevity. Tis the season for tune-ups, my friends! A Top Fuel racer is using a MUCH more powerful spark, completely different fuel and may use 11.2 gallons per second which is the same as a 747 plane. The old plugs had 38552 miles on them. Responding to a comment: what might acetone do to your fuel lines and plastic parts in your engine? on Introduction. The American Way can be very simply stated: you're as good as the next guy, and you can take your shot the same as anybody else. Reply Iridium spark plugs feature a fine wire center electrode that is designed to conduct electrical energy better and increase firing efficiency. He mentioned numerous times when racers were doing plug checks or changing heat ranges about how they side gapped their Sparkplugs back in the day.. The Ethanol they put in our fuels is more harmful to our cars, especially older ones which were never meant to run it, which is why Ethanol is limited to 10-15%, and why there are Flex Fuel E85 (85% gas/15%Ethanol) designed vehicles. Gapping Methods. If they’re within .002 and you don’t have the gapping pliers (few people do but they’re inexpensive) then I would leave them alone due to the cost of Iridium plugs. But...if it were that easy to increase mileage and horsepower...wouldn't the manufacturers be doing it? He said his mpg went up 6mpg and said it seemed a lot smoother. But the view that "they" (any they) are better than America is mistaken. An air intake and exhaust upgrade is a more realistic upgrade with much higher gains. on Introduction. Welcome to our site! Side-gapping or cutting back the ground electrode exposes more of the spark to the fuel mixture. But, it is still a good idea to inspect the new spark plugs for damage or defects. Using my trusty microscope, I can see the center electrodes were still tipped with iridium. Meaning a manufacturer who comes up with a better way tends to shout the news from rooftops (also metaphorically). Europe curses us for what they call our effete central heating and air conditioned cars. 6 NEW OE NISSAN ALTIMA MURANO XTERRA PATHFINDER MAXIMA VQ35DE VQ40DE SPARK PLUGS ... NEW 4 X 22401-JD01B FXE20HR11 Iridium Spark Plugs For Nissan Altima NV200 Sentra. It should be such that you hold the spark plug with the electrodes facing the floor. Always use a special spark plug gapping tool to change the gap. The spark will always choose the path of least resistance, and contrary to what some people believe, plugs with multiple side electrodes don't produce multiple sparks. On a more basic level, the media--both print and electronic--have long since fallen into bash-America mode. A full-length ground electrode can block part of the air/fuel mixture from exposure to the spark. Newer plugs are proven to burn better because they are producing a bigger (fatter), hotter spark. Spark plugs are mighty little workers. $19.76. Iridium spark plugs have extremely fine electrodes while retaining excellent wear characteristics. You need to be careful not to hit the center electrode or the porcelain. They were installed with a gap of .028". Side gapping spark plugs has been use in racing for years to increase horsepower by unshrouding the spark thus allowing the flame created to propagate faster resulting in a more complete burning of the fuel/air mix. Compare the two ethical stances, and decide which is better. The air-fuel mixture has a much higher resistance than the metal of the electrodes so making the gap larger makes the resistance that much more. Free shipping . What if acetone eats your fuel line and sends the bits of rubber or plastic into your engine and burns/cakes onto the plug? The center alloys with iridium, and a special U-shaped groove is made on the sides, but not alloyed. Reply In this way, you can tell if the 49cc spark plug gap will work for the plug you have in mind. If anything, increasing the gap would theoretically increase the speed of the burn because you're igniting more fuel initially vs a shorter spark. Spark plugs usually have a build-up of white soot on the electrode, which can reduce the size of the gap. Ever read on an ER direction sheet to keep your stitches "clean and dry" - absolute worst thing to do for any wound!! While a coin-style tool can be used in a pinch, albeit cautiously, it is far too easy to damage the iridium or platinum metals, which decreases the lifespan of the plug. There is just too much to say about what to do to your spark plugs. I also have to note if you side gap your plugs it's best to index them also. 5oz to 10 gallons. Many people don't study the different types of plugs and may be using the wrong type, especially if they have made modifications. Adjusting the distance between the two electrodes is called gapping your spark plugs. 4 years ago. "Spark plugs with fine wire center and/or ground electrodes operate better for two reasons. But as the "chosen" electrode wears (from more use than the others), its gap will widen, causing one of the unused (or less used) electrodes to become the "chosen" one by default. And bragging about it in Superbowl ads? Iridium plugs wear faster than I thought. You need a feeler gauge to gap your spark plugs properly. $15.99. the flame created will now be able to spread faster resulting in a more efficient burn before the exhaust valve opens. In my opinion, the spark plugs are the … Calculate 0.01 of your power and MPG. The top fuel dragsters have much larger cylinders and 8000 hp (1000hp per cylinder) yet the spark plugs are not that different but use 2 plugs per cylinder and every other component is bigger and better, like the ignition/spark size. With nickel plugs, especially with motorcycles, the gap may need adjustment. Every car manufacturer uses different spark gaps and levels of spark energy. You would have to increase the power to the plug in order for the spark to be able to cross the increased gap. Had it in the dealer and asked them to check the fuel system while it was in there and they said there was nothing wrong with it. True surface discharge or surface gap spark plugs have no side electrode, instead utilizing the entire face of the plug shell as a ground to ignite. There have been plenty of technologies that have gone basically unnoticed by the general population simply because they are unpopular or don't fit into the "American Way"(basically quick/easy/cheap). To do this you will need to find the manufactures setting for your vehicle and reduce that by 0.010". I don't know, maybe it will clean your engine and plug but may harm your oxygen sensor or catalytic converter or clean the oil off your cylinder walls removing the lubrication and causing more wear. 4. The gap should be adjusted by only moving the ground electrode. I think you may have misread the article you cited. For modern fine-wire spark plugs, you should not measure the gap unless instructed by the manufacturer because you could damage the center electrode. Keeping it dry CREATES a much bigger, nastier scar and delays the healing process by at least 40%. Ethanol pollutes less but also makes less power. The second reason is smaller center and ground electrodes reduce quenching." Since the fuel in the combustion chambers does not ignite completely, you will notice a decrease in gas mileage. I would think a side gap would wear the smaller corner of the spark plug electrode faster needing more adjustment and replacement more often. With the side gapped plug the spark is now un-shrouded and is more exposed to the fuel/air mix. The majority of these plugs come pre-gapped from the factory. HOW SIDE GAPPING WORKS: The closer gap (1-Yellow) allows for easier ignition while the angled surfaces (2-orange) allow the ignited spark to grow in size to exceed that of normally shaped plugs. 3 years ago, I had a bid problem with my turboed 98 Yam R1 could just not get it to cold start had to send propane gas into the turbo and even so...So finally I found the solution, took out the resistances from the sparkplug caps (20 Kohms...!! plus a 5 gas sample before and after should give black and white indication. Remove your spark plugs from the engine or if they are brand new take them out. If the spark plugs are defective, the gap between the side and center electrode is often too large or too small. I pulled the "side gapped" plugs out of the 300 cu in 6 in my F150, looked just like these. When running your automobile and the plugs always seem to be black and oily when you check them, they are fouling because your engine is either burning a lot of oil, or your mixture is too rich, or because you need to be running "hotter" spark plugs. Just increasing the gap will not make the spark better; it will actually weaken it. Can this be applied in a motorcycle sir ? Their fuel economy can be 40 gallon per mile! Cutting the ground electrode gives you a smaller area for the spark to jump to eliminating reliability. My reference to the Superbowl was, of course, a metaphor. Using a dremel with a cutoff wheel or a hacksaw you will need to cut the ground electrode even with the edge of the center electrode. 12 years ago 6 years ago After all the burrs are removed you must set the gap. Importance of the Spark Plug Gap When replacing spark plugs, ensuring that the plugs have the proper gap is critical to engine performance. Absolutely no Rf inteference that all a joke to reduce emissions. By doing it yourself you can use a cheap .99 cent plug to save money and increase horsepower. The spark can only go from corner to corner, rather than having the ability to use the entire flat surfaces on both sides to find the best path when carbon deposits build up and hinder spark. Spark plugs receive electrical charge from the distributor or coil to create a spark that causes combustion. I'm a Dr - there are so many medical myths that Drs and nurses get passed on and will never stop - they're complete BS and have no fact basis but they still do it and it gets passed on!! Spark plugs wear out over time as … 6 years ago, People back in the day also thought the earth was flat until someone came up with some hard evidence to disprove that ;-) Lots of "experts" do lots of things in lots of fields for long periods of time that are complete BS. I changed the gap back to factory specs. This means that the smaller area you mentioned actually makes for a better spark. If adjusting the gap on fine wire or precious metal plugs such as platinum or iridium, be very careful not to apply any pressure or prying force to the fine wire center electrode or insulator as they can be damaged. Use caution increasing spark plug gaps. You want the ground electrode to end where the spark plug's center piece begins. Gap new as well as old spark plugs… Get More Miles Out of Your Spark Plugs. I just wanted to be sure., (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). NGK Iridium IX BPR5EIX-11 $21.75 each Normal spark plugs can be more readily changed, leaving fresh new plugs during your engine's opera-tion more of the time than with the costly iridium plugs. Also a buddy of mine tried it on his Dodge pickup with I think it's a 5.7 hemi. For the most part you will have to do the reading. 3. How big is your ignition/spark compared to the included photo. Indexing the plug is having the open end of the plug facing the intake valve. I first heard of "Side Gapping" spark plugs here on this forum, it made sense to me so I tried it on a fresh set of plugs. DENSO spark plugs are manufactured with a pre-set gap.