Every class can equip and use the Gunslash, and specific rare weapons may also be designated as equippable by certain other classes, but only the proper class can actually use that weapon’s Photon Arts (PAs), and only Force, Techer, or Bouncer can cast Technics regardless of the equipped weapon. Note that a subclass stops gaining EXP in this way once it reaches 20 levels away from the current level cap, regardless of the level of your main class at the time. Fighter/Hunter (<- Click for skill tree) I can’t really think of any … If you have a Tenelfter bow, you could make use of Banish Arrow on larger targets with a specialized bow build. Focusing more on dodging and quick parries, Fighter is capable of dealing lots of damage without much interruption. Fury Combo only goes up to a maximum of 10%, so if you get 5% and do 2 just attacks that is You utilize Fighter's Brave Stance as your primary damage multiplier and Hunter's Fury Stance to grant consistent damage bonus, and Iron Will/Stalwart Spirit/Auto-Mate Half to give you a reasonable chance to survive incoming Hits. 61 comments. Te/He scales the highest with multiple nearby targets (like with Zondeel) since everything except Fury Combo boosts the explosions just as much as the regular attacks. You also gain 20% of your subclass’s base stats, although this will be capped by your main class’s level if your sub is higher. Of course, like many MMOs, PSO2 features a race and class system. といえば、真っ先に浮かぶのがレンジャー! 今回はこのレンジャーについて、必須なスキルからおすすめPA、スキルリングまでご紹介します。動画もありますので、ぜひ御覧ください! 「WBって何? And that’s where subclassing comes in. If you’d rather take only one Techer element, you could opt for T-Atk Up and Shifta Advance instead. The distribution of Points into Iron Will, Stalwart Spirit, and Automate Half should be adjusted to your personal preference. I am a big fan of Fighter's Tech Art skills. With a strong foundation and three elements to choose from, Force can stack damage on damage. Lvl 75 Ra/Hu Build: ... one should know about in the Ranger's Skill Tree in PSO2. Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Sega, One of the most popular DPS Builds for Phantasy Star Online 2 North American version, Increased the speed of consumption animation of Atomizers and increases their recovery rate, Grants you the "Jumping Dodge" active skill which instantaneously lets you gain altitude while evading attacks, Reduces damage taken based on the number of players in your Party. The solution? This requirement has since been removed. Any race/gender can be any class, and it doesn’t matter what you choose at the start since you can switch at any time. Air Pocket Swing Single Target / Gear Builder, Cerberus Dance Frontal AoE / Gear Builder, Aerial Shooting Single Target Melee / Height Gain, Tsukimi Sazanka Single Target / Height Gain, Shunka Shunran Travel[/indent] Fudou Kuchinashi Radial AoE Stun, Kazan Nadeshiko Single Target / Gear Builder. One of the most important things you have to remember while using it is: Never. 2. But even though it has more bonuses for being close to their target, they still tout some impressive reach. You also get extra % Damage from Fighter's Brave Stance and Hunter's Frenzy Stance which are both mandatory for this build. General Information and playstyle When it comes to gameplay, Fighter is your typical close range Melee fighter which relies on deadly Crits and devastating Attack and Photon Arts combinations. C Strike Ranged: At level 20, This ring give s you +20% critical hit rate and +3% critical hit damage. Phantasy Star Online 2 released its PC client to the West yesterday on the Microsoft Store. The extra masteries can help ensure you get EWH’s bonus or simply bolster your versatility. General Information and playstyle. If you plan to play solely in teams, you may skip them entirely and get some extra Damage via Melee Power-Ups for example. Ranger/Braver (<- Click for skill tree) Ranger does a lot of damage to weak points. Fo/Fi (Fo/Br) is boosted damage dealing build when compared to Fo/Te but with increased PP cost. Complete guide on Hunter/Fighter build for PSO2 which is considered one of the best tanks/off-tanks in the game 4. The PSO2 skill tree isn’t too complicated. You can either go for S-Atk Up like in the linked build to achieve similarly powerful regular attacks as Te/Br, or opt for some of the survival skills instead. Hunter skills are pretty straight forward. 2. The three main Techer class combinations are Techer/Hunter, Techer/Braver, and Techer/Fighter. Always plan out your skill tree using a simulator like this one Here a… When you have Overload active, you need to make sure you don't get hit, or you will be easily one-shotted by bigger damage spikes. Fighter can match or exceed Ranger’s weak point damage if multiple conditions are active, but nothing can beat WB. Just got to 75 today in NA, looking forward to trying out a bunch of your builds/tips and tricks. (C)SEGA 『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』公式サイト http://pso2.jp/ Either one sports great versatility and power to be effective on their own, together, or with another class’s weapons. Each class also has varying stats, which can be important when deciding on a subclass or simply give you a general idea of how the class may perform. The second was that I didn’t have a Fighter build for mobbing. Here we go over the most important key features I think one should know before playing the Ranger class in PSO2. 15 votes, 14 comments. Or it could just make you even more suicidal.