Some say that repentance is merely a change of mind. But also, we would be greatly wrong to get angry at God for His grace toward such sinners and to demand that He give us what we deserve. But then the bills start coming due and it isn’t fun anymore. God has a certain plan for our lives that leads straight to Heaven, but if we have such a lack of trust in God and love for the cross, then we want to do things our way…no crosses, no challenges, no problems.Â. He doesn’t just parcel it out a little bit at a time. sorrow for offending God–which is an abomination of love and rejects saving grace. Sometimes we don't have the strength to carry our cross but God is here to help. There are clear steps to humble prayer. Jesus leaves the story there to make us consider our own response. Fortunately, God wants to give us grace, and the removal of our grace is from our own rejection. Just remember, sometimes God’s will (our greatest good) is for us to suffer and other times it isn’t. 10 Ways To Receive Gods Grace Today The Word of God lets us know that there is nothing that can seperate us from the Love of God! The Search OF the Savior: Why Jesus Came, Part 1 (Luke 19:1-10), Bible Storying Series - Teaching The Story Of God Chronologically, Bible Teaching Ideas: The Ten Commandments And Ten Fingers. That is the next thing about repentance, that it is a turning from our sin to God Himself. He hired a band and invited everyone he knew. Definition of Mercy. Then I’ll tell him to go clean up and make himself presentable before he sets foot in my house. “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18). When he finds out that his no-good brother has returned and that his dad has thrown a party to celebrate, he explodes. You will find it in abundance. It takes great helping grace to get there. But with that said, our grace is received based on the desires of our heart to accept it whenever God wills to send it. Cleave to it. Yes, oh, we might have told God with our words we only want the cross to leave only if it is His will, but yet God, who reads the true intentions of our hearts, knows we don’t really mean it.Â, Oh, there are many lessons in the cross. We Can’t Control GodIf God from His mercy or justice wills to remove any of our grace, it will be gone too. The father shows us God’s great mercy toward repentant sinners. God is love and love is mercy and justice combined. Then learning what God wants us to do. We have little if any efforts to stop our habitual sins…to remove our idols (attachments); sadly, we love our sins and the world instead of God, and that rejects His grace. But to enlighten, inspire and give us the grace we need to live a wonderful life of peace as we follow Christ to Heaven. But if we are to come to understand why God allows what He allows, we must look for God’s many lessons, so God’s great mercy through the cross won’t be squander and most if not all of God’s grace can be accepted. But to start understanding them, we should know this mercy God gives us is really a two part gift: These aren’t the only forms of grace God bestows upon us…actually there are many different kinds of grace–five of which are spoken about in detail in this article: But all of these graces do fall into one of these two categories–helping or forgiving mercy. God's mercy is a monumental theme in Scripture, the English word appearing some 341 times in the Bible. Oh, our desire to amend is only half-hearted. “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope [a future in of earthly and eternal joy]” (Jeremiah 29:11). If we only knew what God has planned for every moment, we would never despair again. Oh, it is our sins which cause God to turn His face from us–that cause Him to send no help–since we beg and beg God for help with hearts that don’t even love Him. There are two reasons for that…sometimes it is from our rejection of it and sometimes from God having a greater plan through our patient pursuit of grace.  for the greater good (His perfect plan) in the future. Yikes! If he had clung to his own pride, he would have thought, “I’m not going to let him see me in this condition. 4:4-7), 3. Is this true? “When you pray any prayer to me, always end your prayer with the intention that my will always shall be done and not yours…Sometimes you also pray for some things that are against your own welfare and that is why it is necessary for you to entrust your will to me, for I know all things and do not provide you with anything but what is beneficial. To learn more please read, “What Does God Allow Suffering and Punishment.”, These tests are most necessary, and will help us see our faith or lack of faith in a greater light of reality if we can honestly look at our responses to God’s cross…are we in peaceful trust or still complaining and worrying when things go wrong? We must come to sincerely hate all sin. Then the wonderful things God intends to happen will. And it just so happened that one night the girl came home, tried the door, found it open, and went in, never to go out and sin again. Jesus is holding the older brother up as a mirror to the Pharisees, who prided themselves in their observance of the law. Please don’t be deceived. Actually, it is really easy. Then after we repent and change, according to God’s wonderful plan for our souls, much grace will be sent to help us continue to change. How would you respond to this biblically? I can’t tell you how many times all God wants of us is for us to say “yes” to His will: to be willing to suffer and sacrifice what we want if that is what God desires. We might not like God's punishments, but they are real and even effect others. ), it won’t matter if we fear sins and its consequences, we will still refuse to obey. But there is hope. We need a fear so great we would do all in our power to strive to never offend God again. Therefore to receive much grace–to grow in faith correctly and receive much help in our lives–here is a more complete list of what we need to obtain the great mercy God has waiting for us. If we do gain a willingness to obey and find the courage in us to suffer, whatever God wills, everything from there will change. At first we look into it and think that we are reading stories about others. God’s attitude was very clearly revealed in His treatment of the Ninevites: God’s mercy and tolerance are not at all difficult to obtain; He requires one’s true repentance. It is an unfathomable love; a love we simply could never fully comprehend the depths of its beauty. The verse says “return”… but that can’t be all one has to do to receive God’s mercy. We tend to want God to answer our prayers according to our will and not His. Reality is, we seek God’s help most of the time just to get what we want–as if we know what is best.Â, Then, when God doesn’t give us what we desire, we are distressed from our lack of trust in what God allows, resulting in us never growing closer to Him nor learning His blessed ways. Yet, tragically, so few actually grow into this kind of faith. But then he begins to notice that when his hand moves, the hand in the mirror moves. To learn more please read the articles,Â, “Can I Be Forgiven of Some Sins but Not All of Them?” and “How Bad Confessions Can Damn Us.”, hearts that can accept His forgiving saving mercy for the salvation of our souls, But if we don’t approach God correctly, with muchÂ, 13 Ways to Obtain Much Helping (Actual) Grace, prayer is the greatest way we can obtain continuous grace (constant help).  There are many ways we can pray some I mentioned above and many in the article “How to Pray Humbly” that send great grace; we want to do all of them. The prodigal represents the sinners who were repenting and coming to Jesus; the older brother represents the Pharisees and scribes who were grumbling about Jesus receiving the sinners. If the young man had thought, “I’m going to turn over a new leaf. This is the path to Heaven. Then the wonderful things God intends to happen will. Sometimes we pray and God doesn’t seem to respond with grace. We would be greatly wrong to go out and join in the sins of the prodigal, so that grace might abound. We just want what we want and seek God to give it to us but we won’t even make Him our source of happiness and work hard to stop our constant habitual offences against Him.Â, At the same time we are praising God and imploring Him for help (mercy), we are beating Him with our unrestrained sins. We can pray billions of prayers and have bounds of devotions, but if we pray them with a heart of pride, they are worthless. Then learning what God wants us to do. Self-condemnation, thinking you’re not worthy, can be a hindrance to receiving God’s mercy. Receive God’s Mercy and Withhold It From Others, Part 1. Also, note that the prodigal’s repentance was not just thought, but action. From 1977-1992 he was the pastor of Lake Gregory Community Church in Crestline, California. This is one of the most moving pictures of God in all the Bible. In spite of the older brother’s attack, the father responds with love and gentleness toward this son also. It is a tragedy of unfathomable proportions. As Paul received mercy, we also receive mercy from God. Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Without true sorrow for our life time of sins from great fear of the Lord, WE REJECT GOD’S SAVING MERCY. He had a hope, however slim, that his father would grant his request that he become like one of the hired men. He got up and made that long journey back. If you, like the prodigal, have rebelled against God and have come to see your wretched condition, your response should be like his: Get up, leave your sin, go to the Father and appeal for His mercy. Learn how we need to grow from some faith in Christ into a true saving faith in Jesus. 3). Let's learn how. Don’t begrudge him; just be glad that God is a God of great mercy, even toward the proud if they repent. lack of forgiveness, sexual immorality, don’t attend Church, unconsecrated marriages, not living for God but the world’s pleasures (our idols), and bounds of other sins, which are rejecting His mercy–not embracing it. So many souls aren’t obtaining a saving faith, since we aren’t learning.Â, and our sins are the number one reason God allows so much of our suffering too.Â, Oh, it is our sins which cause God to turn His face from us–that cause Him to send no help–since we beg and beg God for help with. God’s mercy is waiting for us, wanting to help us…. . Growing in faith happens from prayers and actions combined. Right from Wrong – I don’t know anymore, Will Anointing of the Sick Forgive Mortal Sin. To learn more please read, “What is True Sorrow.”. Oh, we might lack faith to believe the true consequences of our actions, but I tell you, for most, God could give us fantastic fear of the Lord that should cause anyone to want to obey, but if we are unwilling to suffer (embarrassment, rejection, humiliation, insults, etc. The dog had conquered the man.” Then he applies it: “And if you, poor sinner, dog as you are, can have confidence enough in God to come to him just as you are, it is not in his heart to spurn you” (12 Sermons on the Prodigal Son [Baker], pp. Desiring to remain in any of our sinful ways rejects Life for sin. The only job he could find was feeding the pigs for a local farmer, but that didn’t provide enough for his basic needs. The household is not the household of faith, but of Israel. If we don’t speak the truth, we are not loving others but hurting them. Mercy is given and received only. The devil has us proudfully professing we are in the state of grace even though we can’t read our souls. The entire parable teaches us that …. God might agree with us and was just waiting for us to pray to Him for help, so He can take away our suffering, since that was the greatest good. Let's learn the shocking reality of who suffers the greatest in Hell so we can be motivated to change. Almighty God, by your mercy, I decree that the hand and plans of the enemy shall not prevail over my life, in the name of Jesus. Make God’s mercy your possession. If we want to gain a great hatred for sin, there one of the great ways is to learn of its horrible consequences. While it is not a comprehensive picture, the father of the prodigal son gives us an important aspect of God’s character, namely, His abundant mercy toward all who will repent of their sins. Can we emphasize grace too much. How are we going to learn how to leave what is keeping us from God, unless we are taught? He refuses to go in and when his dad comes out to appeal to him, he unloads. Truly with God's grace we can stop sinning. However so very few obtain this kind of faith. Also, this article will explain why Divine Mercy Sunday (the Sunday after Easter), the day God devoted to send the greatest graces to help us, out of all of the other days throughout the year, is the most excruciating day of suffering for God’s Sacred Heart of Love (in Heaven), and what we can do to ease His pain. Will an Indulgence Take Away the Punishment for My Sins?