I’m always amazed by just HOW MUCH we care about what other people eat- how they define it, etc. Others may have a similar goal but approach it in a different way. I had no idea that Guinness had animal products in it. These little guys can even be toasted for smores. Everyone has their own opinions, so there will never be a right or wrong. I’ve gradually become more strict about vegetarianism, but that’s mostly because I’ve also become more knowledgeable! My grey area is when I visit a friends house for dinner who may have forgotten that I don’t eat meat. There are many types of sugar that are vegan- ie turbinado and beet sugar. I want to say, “Enjoy your own meal. The vegan alternative runs $1/oz versus $1/lbs for the non-vegan type. Just like you, I draw a sharp line with broth & always ask when I eat out (did you know Pei-Wei cooks their noodles in chicken broth?). This book says most domestic beers, white distilled vinegar, brown and white sugar use animal charcoal for filtering. I just try to make the right choices whenever I can. the stew was made in chicken broth and had chicken breasts and thighs in it. var pageTracker=_gat._getTracker("UA-4757034-1");pageTracker._trackPageview(); I have found my true passion in helping people to learn about a plant-based diet. I’m not vegetarian but being gluten-free I definitely get those shock moments when I realize the additives and ingredients in certain foods. That being said, I have some concerns about rennet and other animal-derived products in non-meat foods. Do you follow her on Twitter??? It’s only that persons business what they choose to put in and on their body. Add plant butter to a large pot and melt completely on medium-low heat. I have had enough of feeling like I need to justify my protein intake. 🙂 Actually, I believe there is some truth to it. great post and comments here. I do drink red wines and I haven’t looked up which ones are vegetarian and which ones aren’t, but I’m sure I’ll look it up one day if it really starts to bug me lol! Caitlin – isn’t your husband a strict Vegan? I agree 100000 times 1 bijallion percent. I ate nothing with gelatin, chicken broth, or any other product that required the death of an animal. If you live near New York, you can actually find Sweet & Sara at their store. I have often considered going vegetarian-ish. But I will never judge someone on their beliefs, or their diets, just as I don’t want to be judged on mine. Bacon infused bourbon sounds like my worst nightmare, LOL. i’ve never heard this before & am interested! I’ve been a vegetarian for two years now, and dealt with this ALL the time for the first year and a half. 🙂. I know someone who is vegetarian, though now she’s decided to try veganism, at least for a while. i also feel this way about milk. Literally. It’s shocking to find out how many things contain animal products. Nah, they have milk in them. And driving yourself crazy because of your dietary choices all the time, isn’t healthy either. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years (and then I met shell fish and sushi.) I’ve been as strict as I can… I didn’t stumble across Matt’s list until about 10 months in, and at that point, I’d had soups, Caesear salads, etc., without realizing what was in them. But before I collapse on the street due to low blood sugar and no healthy food options available, I’d go for that white bread sandwich 😉, I always admire how open-minded you are towards other people’s choices 🙂. You can really get down to the nitty gritty: the paint on my walls, my car, etc….but I just can’t go that far down the road. I just learned about marshmallows having gelatin so I’m not eating them or jello or other things I know have gelatin in it, I feel for myself that if I don’t eat meat I can’t eat bones. When I became a vegetarian 3.5 years ago, I was confronted with whether or not I should eat marshmallows, Caesar salads, etc. But of course I’m always learning new things (it’s only been almost eight months since I decided to go vegetarian) and there’s definitely huge grey areas. its repulsive. I am not a vegetarian, but I have to say I admire everyone who is one or is trying to be one. I am not a vegan or vegetarian but do strive to eat a mostly plant based diet. We searched high and low to find the sweetest, fluffiest 100% vegan mini marshmallows with just a hint of natural vanilla flavor. It’s just food! Many times I have picked up a “Vegan” faux-dairy product (this happens the most with cheese) and read that it has sodium casinate or casein (both a milk derivitive). But maybe commercially they aren’t as careful? I’m not going to judge anyone for eating or not eating meat, so why should they judge me for eating a gummy bear. I have always been afraid to talk to vegetarians and vegans about recipes and suggestions, afraid of the dreaded holier than thou attitude since I do eat meat occasionally and I could never give up my milk products entirely. It’s always better to do something than to do nothing!! Happy Friday! Another vegetarian chiming in! Did I miss something? It is important to have those words! The way I tend to view this is if I know that the food I’m eating contains certain “non-veggie” ingredients or elements, I am accountable for what I’m eating. i dont eat marshmallows or jello very often, but i also don’t like to think about gelatin as animal bones anyways. http://alifewithouticecream.blogspot.com/2011/02/oatmeal-banana-breakfast-muffins.html. I’m not vegan but I have a good friend who has been vegan for years for environmental reasons (not necessarily animal welfare reasons) and she ate honey because environmental it is good for the earth, since honey bees do so much pollination and such. I am not sure that cheese is a dietary requirement for most people. so i usually call myself vegetarian-sympathetic lol. I had a few minor dairy related slip ups in the early days (which happened to be during Christmas…yikes, not the best time to transition into veganhood). If something makes me feel funny or guilty (ethically), I don’t eat it. I try to think about how to make choices that are mostly good for the most number of creatures. If you make a purchase through a link on this site, I may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you. . I disagree with most of these posts. Here’s some more foods that arents veggie: http://blisstree.com/eat/8-foods-you-didnt-know-contained-meat/. Grey area sums it up as well. Are you looking for that delicious fluff you had when you were a child? However, last year my sister made some white chocolate covered marshmallows and for Christmas I got some gummies in my stocking so of course I haddd to eat them all. If somebody chooses to live a certain diet but for some reason can’t stick to it 100 %, that’s is totally fine! It’s like, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This is not a gray area for me! I do like a few dark beers that probably are made that way and I probably won’t stop drinking them.