Sawako tells Kazehaya about how she studies by imagining that she is teaching the material to a person who doesn't understand. Ayane notes that Kazehaya is the type of person who does not like others interfering with his affairs. She genuinely smiles, making Kazehaya feel lonely as she is now fitting in the class without his help, and surprises Kento that she is able to smile normally. Category: TV Series. Chizuru decides to see Ryu. The group of girls go up against Sawako to tell her off and starts insulting her before Kurumi defended Sawako by simply saying 'Kazehaya will not forgive you if you hurt her' which the girls then threatened to tell Kazehaya Kurumi's illdoings. Anime; Kimi ni Todoke Episode 16; Kimi ni Todoke Episode 23; Kimi ni Todoke Episode 25; Kimi ni Todoke Episode 04; Kimi ni Todoke Episode 06; ... Kimi ni Todoke Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ayane and Chizuru wish Sawako good luck, as she is going to talk to Kazehaya again tomorrow. ‪Season 1‬ ‪24 episodes‬ ... kimi ni todoke -From Me to You-CAD $19.99. Various events throughout the day prevent her from giving it to him, such as his acceptance of "Gratitude" chocolate and his rejection of "Love" chocolate. Meanwhile, Kazehaya and Ryuu are together when Kazehaya gets a call from Pin. 25:41 Netflix's The Queen's Gambit Cast- Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and More - THR Interview. There Chizuru realizes that it was Ryuu that called Tooru to come and visit her and asks Ryuu to comfort her, and they embrace. Available on. Episode: Season 1 + Season 2 + Live Action Movie. She manages to give everyone their chocolate the next day but still hesitates when it comes to giving Kazehaya his. He's heading home when he realizes he said something "super wonderful" and runs off to find Kazehaya. Kazehaya walks over and Pin makes him ask Sawako out, but while Kazehaya was at a loss for words Pin shouted "WILL YOU MARRY ME!" After Sawako finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors, Kurumi admits it. The girls tease her by having her try calling Kazehaya by his first name, although she is unable to call his last name even without an honorific. She comes out to confront them and tell them it's a misunderstanding. The two go to get hot drinks at a stand and Kazehaya admits he normally doesn't like the drink, but this time he does because Sawako does. It was published by Shueisha in Bessatsu Margaret from 2005 to 2017 and collected in 30 tankōbon volumes. Kurumi suggests that Sawako should talk to Ryuu more. Kazehaya makes a public statement on how he hates ridiculous rumors, which affects particularly the girls who were bullying Sawako. Kento tries to cheer her up, and ends up asking her out in the flow of things, only to be drowned out by Sawako's thoughts and the arrival of Kazehaya. Based on Kurumi's point of view, she retells the events of Season 1; such as her unrequited love for Kazehaya, how she observes him observing Sawako with expressions she has never seen before and how he has changed because of her. DVD £63.72 £ 63. Kazehaya explains that he was rejected, and Pin tells Kazehaya to just give up on Sawako, and walks off, leaving Kazehaya to think for himself. Episode 34. Chizuru and Ryu's older brother, Toru walk around and talk about the past. Drunk men giving a recap of what has happened so far. She enters her new high school hoping that she can make new friends. She plays it off as "his loss" and says that he has bad taste in women. Kazehaya asks what Kento is doing, and why Sawako is crying. Inside, Kazehaya watches Sawako from the back of the classroom, with a dejected look on his face. Later, Ayane finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumours. She reluctantly says goodbye to Kazehaya then goes out to eat with Ayane and Chizuru. After the party the class goes to the beach, where Kento pulls Kazehaya aside and tells him why Sawako was crying the other day. In the meantime, Sawako starts noticing how Kurumi and Kazehaya appear to be close, and wishes to also become cute like Kurumi. No answers are in sight and Sawako shrinks back into her old ways-quiet and alone. Anime info: Kimi ni Todoke Please, reload page if you can't watch the video ... Wan Jie Xian Zong 4th Season . They part ways, Chizuru wondering what is up with Kazehaya all of a sudden. Amid the talk about broken hearts, Ryuu leaves the room and is encouraged by Kazehaya. Ryu finds Kazehaya outside as soon as he is done with baseball practice, and asks Kazehaya how his confession went. Pin insists that Kazehaya bring Sawako to him right away. Ayane, however, complains about her clingy boyfriend, while Chizuru is in a good mood because she anticipates something at New Year's, which is more than a month away. He is astonished by her extra-cuteness and they continue to the shrine. At the end of the episode the girls from Class A who bullied Sawako find out about Kazehaya and Sawako's new relationship. Ayane then appears, touching Kurumi's shoulders, somewhat comforting her, telling she and Kazehaya would never have been possible but that Kazehaya would have forgiven her if he knew all of what she'd done, which Kurumi thought about for a moment bitterly and said she didn't need Ayane to tell her that before walking off in tears, with Muira and Ayane following behind. Chizuru and Kazehaya meet up on the way home, and Kazehaya asks if he is really that different from Sawako, as he thought he was the closest to her. Sanada reveals to Yoshida that his type is someone who is dense and simple, although Yoshida mistakes this for someone who is like Sawako. As they walked off, Ryu catches Chizuru offguard by telling her he likes her. Kazehaya pulls Sawako into the classroom by the hand and shuts the door. Chizuru and Sawako go out to pick a present for Ryuu's birthday, and Sawako is sure by the affection Chizuru shows for him that Chizuru loves Ryuu. Ayane and Chizuru take Kento away, as he had said very loudly that Kazehaya liked Sawako in front of everyone. She tells him about her childhood as they walk, up until the present, then realizes she had always been alone until she met him. He is flamboyant and very open with her, which stirs up jealousy on Kazehaya's part. He leaves, with a dejected expression on his face. She decides to practice on her own, but is not allowed to borrow a soccer ball. ... (Sub) Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You. Ryu tries to tell Chizuru that he likes her but then his older brother, Toru comes home. She continues alone, meeting Kazehaya. Later, Kento approaches Sawako, who's tending to her garden. Kurumi also says that she didn't think she would lose to such a weak girl, and runs off. They talk about their middle school, where Sanada, Yoshida and Kazehaya were all in the same class. The show starts with many students crowding up the locker area in the morning just as Sawako reaches school with Ayane & Chizuru. Things have become strained between Sawako and Kazehaya ever since the Valentine's Day incident. Sawako is sleeping over with Ayane and Chizuru. Bolstered by the resolve shown by Sawako, Kurumi thinks about her past with Kazehaya and decides on her future. Sawako, Chizuru, Ayane, Ryu and Shota take care of Pin when he's sick. Sawako finds out that "Kurumi" is short for "Kurumizawa", so Kazehaya wasn't calling her by her first name after all. It is revealed that Kazehaya used to be on the baseball team. Buy. In class Chizuru ignores Ryuu, they eventually run into each other where Chizuru asks what he meant last night when he said that she was late. Kazehaya and Ryu talk during gym class, and Kazehaya expresses worry over how he had troubled Sawako over what he had said about being the closest to her. Sawako's friends, Chizuru and Ayane spend time with her at her house and meet her mom and dad. Kento makes Sawako hold a study session. Hulu. Sawako finds out who Chizuru loves. In the end Sawako doesn't care if Kazehaya likes someone or not, and she gets ready to confess to him. The next day, Sawako's class has a seat change day. When Chizuru and Ayane tell Pin she went home, Pin heads towards the classroom to look for Kazehaya. Pin also pulls Sawako aside to ask her if she told Kazehaya about her secret feelings. She remembers Sawako ultimately giving her the courage to confess her feelings to Kazehaya, and her subsequent rejection. Season 2 (13) Season 1 (24) go. Pin replies that everyone has a heart, so Kazehaya probably has the same feelings. Sawako is upset at not being able to say more to Kurumi on the rooftop, and Chizuru comforts Sawako and tells her it was the right thing to do and that she would have done the same. Episode 32. At the end of the episode, a new character, Miura Kento, makes his appearance. In the meantime, Kazehaya heads to the room carrying some equipment. In 2008, it won the Best Shōjo Manga award in the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Award. As Kazehaya's explaining his confusion and worry, Pin arrives, teases him about not having confessed yet and mocks him, telling him to confess to Sawako already. Chizuru and Ryu managed to get along. Her chance comes when she volunteers to be a ghost for a school activity. Ryuu then shows them the note written by Kurumi, which confirms that she set Sawako up. Kurumi decides to become friends with Sawako in order to get closer to Kazehaya, herself. He makes the connection between them, calling the two 'an interesting combination'. Everyone prepares for the sports festival, especially Chizuru, who coaches Sawako enthusiastically. She calls herself 'a special circumstance' because she had already been rejected by him. Kazehaya tells her to forget about what he had said earlier. They find out her birthday is on New Year's Eve and tell her about their plans to go to the shrine that day with Ryuu, inviting her as well. Out in the courtyard, Kento and Sawako are discussing how Sawako's finally fitting into class (which she hadn't noticed, and shocks her). The teacher talks about the upcoming exams and Kento announces to the class that Sawako is holding a crash course after school. Rumors are circulating about Sawako's friends, Ayane and Chizuro. They visit the shrine and go to pick out fortunes. An unfamiliar feeling surrounds Sawako and Kazehaya, who grow too flustered to speak with one another like they used to. Paperback More buying choices £27.46 (3 used & new offers) Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. On the way home Kazehaya reveals that he was playing with the same puppy earlier, explaining why he came to school drenched as well. The class is finally starting to prepare for the school festival, and everyone is wondering where Sawako is, in which Chizuru and Ayane say that she had somewhere else to be. Kento sees Kazehaya leaving the classroom, and notices Sawako still inside at a loss for words. Kazehaya walks out on Sawako and Kento, with Kento grasping Sawako's arms and Sawako crying. Ayane and Chizuru go to find more evidence against Kurumi, who is in the meantime waiting for Kazehaya to return. Did Sawako start these rumors? The next day, Kazehaya gives Sawako a note during class wanting to know if she will meet him after school. Plot Summary: The continuation of the first season. South Park, Season 24 (Uncensored) ... 2015 Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Season 1, Pt. Later Chizuru heads over to give Ryuu her present, where Ryuu states that she was late and he hopes that Chizuru will finally get over his brother, she gets angry and throws his present at him. Traditionally, her family spends all day celebrating, so she would feel bad about leaving them. Kazehaya, who is chatting with his middle school friend Kurumi, sees her from a window. Category page. Revisit the events of the previous school year through Kurumi's eyes in this extra episode. Kurumi purposely tells Sawako how she isn't special because Kazehaya always treats everyone kindly, although Sawako misunderstands this as Kurumi telling her about Kazehaya's good points. ", Kento asks if he could help Kazehaya, and Kazehaya rejects the idea. New rumors are circulating! After Kento finally gets everything straight through his head, Ayane and Chizuru leave him. Looking for information on the anime Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season (Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You 2)? Before Sawako has a chance to tell Kazehaya how she feels, Kazehaya apologizes to her for making her cry and angry, and that he would listen to her no matter what, because his feelings wouldn't change. Afterwards he decides to adopt the puppy, promising Sawako that she can see it again at a later date. She meets up with Ayane and Chizuru, and then spend some time at Ryu's place. The next day people are talking about the "battlefield" between Kazehaya, Sawako, and Kento, and after Sawako hears people talking about it, she says it was all a misunderstanding and that the meaning of "like" is different, not realizing Kazehaya is standing right there. Kimi Ni Todoke Season 1 [Streaming] Sub Indo. Before they can hear the rest, the teacher, Pin, drags them off. For the solo performance in her class' costume parade Sawako once again plays a ghost, this time acting out the reemergence of Okiku from the well from the. Ryu initially refuses but concedes, saying he would only listen to his problems. Later, Sawako runs into Kurumi, whom she perceives as a friendly and beautiful doll-like girl. Their class is going to hold a party and Kazehaya asks Sawako to come. They part, leaving the impression they will be together this year. When Sawako gives up her umbrella to cover a box with a puppy in it during a rainstorm, she shows up to school drenched. At the end of their walk Chizuru confesses her feelings for Tooru, only have to Tooru says that he likes her too, but as a little sister. After school that day, Yano and Yoshida overhear some girls talking about them and when they confront the girls, they are told that Sawako started the rumors. Kimi ni Todoke 19 (Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You) by Karuho Shiina (2014) Paperback. Kurumi notices Sawako eavesdropping and tells her that Kazehaya doesn't accept 'love' chocolate, but if it was a 'gratitude' chocolate, he would probably accept it gladly. She runs after Ryu, bumps him in the back and tells him she already knew that. Kazehaya is invited over and everyone has a wonderful time. Sawako and Shoto get the fortunes, Shoto get's extremely good luck and Sawako get's bad luck. Kuronuma Sawako is often misunderstood and feared by others for resembling a horror movie character. They are about to continue their awkward silence until Chizuru, Ayane, and Ryuu (who are also stealthily at the shrine) call Kazehaya to apologize for not coming along. During a school event, Sawako finds a mysterious note in her shoe locker. It is now the third semester, and after another seating change, Sawako makes friends with the new people sitting close to her, but can't help but feel lonely that Kazehaya is sitting further away from her. [2], The series will be released to Region 2 DVD in Japan with three episodes per disc, starting on December 23, 2009. Kento tries to follow, but is interrupted by Kurumi, who makes Kento tell her what happened. 22:35. That night, Kazehaya and Pin run into each other, and Pin starts yelling at Kazehaya for rejecting Sawako. Everyone is saying that Sawako got Kazehaya with black magic, but Kazehaya immediately clears up that misunderstanding. For season 1, the opening theme music, "Kimi ni Todoke"(きみにとどけ)is by Tomofumi Tanizawa, and the ending, "Kataomoi"(片思い)is by Chara. Kimi Ni Todoke S01 E08. kimi ni todoke -From Me to You- (English Subtitled) Season 1. Nonton streaming & download Nonton Kimi ni Todoke Episode 1 FULL HD subtitle Indonesia lengkap sampai tamat dan update terbaru cepat yang bisa Anda nikmati dengan kualitas dari Kimi ni Todoke Season 1 360p, 480p, 720p hingga 1080p. Everything is no longer chaotic, Kento sees how perfect Sawako and Kazehaya are together, and he expresses his feelings in his thoughts that no one would have thought Sawako would win Kazehaya and Kurumi would end up with a broken heart. Other series. Chizuru asks Ayane what that was all about, and Ayane says "well, the girl Kazehaya likes acts like she's terrified of him. They throw accusations at each other not long before Sawako appears standing in a distance, just listening to their talk. Ayane and Chizuru visit Sawako's house and, despite appearing disreputable at first, impress her parents by being "such nice girls". He runs off, telling her not to worry about it and for her to do well in the solo performance. Ayane confronts Kento, telling him to stop making passes at Sawako, as it is a critical time for her (to pursue Kazehaya). Sawako then goes to confront Kurumi after overhearing Ayane saying to Chizuru that 'there's one girl who's definitely crying' The same group of girls who harassed Sawako in the bathroom in season one gossips and badmouth Sawako near the windowsills and is heard by Kurumi who interfered with the conversation. She recalls her plot of matchmaking Ryu and Sawako together, and how Kazehaya foiled her plan by taking Sawako away from the scene. Sawako is distressed by getting a "Bad Luck" slip, so Kazehaya gives her his- "Very Good Luck". They finally look at each other after Kazehaya saves her before she falls down the stairs at the shrine. Kazehaya is seen riding away before Sawako stops him but when Kazehaya turns around, replies saying its nothing although she might have wanted to mention about Kurumi. They both defend Sawako, telling the girls that Sawako would never be the one who started the rumors. Cyberpunk 2077. Ayane and Chizuru are also looking for Sawako and they have a feeling that Kento was a major part of it. Season 1 Opening Theme "Kimi Ni Todoke" by Tomofumi Tamizawa Season 1 Ending Theme "Kataomoi" by Chara Season 2 Opening Theme "Soufuu/Sawakaze" by Tomofumi Tamizawa Season 2 Ending Theme "Kimi Ni Todoke" by May's A Precious Someone Full Episode Mewkledreamy . Pin finally finds Sawako, and after Sawako tells Pin that she has been rejected by Kazehaya, Pin tries to cheer her up. Chizuru throws a sleep over with the intention of cheer Ayane up from her breakup, but it ends up to be boring because Chizuru planned on getting video games from Ryuu. The episode ends with Sawako asking herself if she had really done her best with Kazehaya up until this point. Sawako and Kazehaya part ways outside their school. Anxiously trying to avoid Sawako, they settle on drawing numbers to determine seating. Episode 1 (Sub) A Crush. They exchange phone emails and Kazehaya realizes Sawako's birthday is that day. After a momentous New Year's vacation and with Valentine's Day approaching, Sawako Kuronuma is beginning to get along with her classmates.