So here is our guide to the best places to stay in Tuscany. It’s the perfect combination of being one of the best places to stay in Tuscany… San Gimignano is small, but in size alone, it’s got quite a reputation and is a memorable stop for many visitors to Tuscany. We have covered all of the main cities, and also included Tuscany’s main seaside resort, smaller towns including the famous Tuscan hill towns, and the lovely Chianti wine region to the south of Florence. These small towns are home to a wealth of art, including paintings, frescoes and medieval architecture and is a place where people can immerse themselves in authentic Italian culture and language. We intentionally did not consider the already-famous towns of Pienza, San Gimignano, or Volterra to give more space to the hidden ones. Home to author of Under the Tuscany Sun, Frances Mayes, you could say Cortona is the embodiment of quintessential Tuscany. Tweet. In this travel guide through the best towns in Tuscany, you will find: Best time to visit Tuscany; How to travel around: car, public transport, bike or by foot; How long you should spend over there; What cities to know in Tuscany; Interactive map for the best places to stay in Tuscany; What is the best time to visit Tuscany? Montefioralle is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy, i borghi più belli d’Italia. I was staying just outside Greve in Chianti (a lovely spot in the Chianti region). helps you find the best boutique hotels around the world. This small town is one of the most beautiful Tuscan villages and its Etruscan origins have left their mark until the present day. The scenery is breathtaking but be prepared to climb a lot of stairs and walk up and down steep hills. But where to stay in Southern Tuscany is the question. Fivizzano. Best Town to Stay in Tuscany for Food? “But in just two hours on the train, you can be in Rome or Florence for your big-city fix. San Marino Old Town, San Marino; 23. Answer 1 of 12: We're headed to Italy next month with two days in Tuscany. The 7 Best Villages in Tuscany With medieval Italian hill towns overlooking a stunning landscape of rolling hills, cypress trees, and luw green vineyards, a trip to Tuscany can’t help but feel like somewhere magical. Sienna, Volterra, and Cortona. I want to see the real Tuscany and I'll be taking buses around (and renting a bike maybe in Siena?). Cosmopolitan in flavor, and famous for Renaissance art, these cities are among the best places to stay in Tuscany. 8 Most Charming Towns in Tuscany. Of course certain hilltop towns in Tuscany can also be inundated with hordes of tourists that ruin the vibe, especially in summer. La Locanda is a 10 minute drive outside of Volpaia, a super small yet gorgeous village. Charming towns in Tuscany. Images: Pitigliano, Capalbio, Manciano, Montescudaio, Montefioralle, Monteriggioni . Most of the best day destinations from Siena I recommend Email. Whilst you could choose to stay in the centre of one the towns, our recommendation is a deluxe B&B in the countryside. Now you’re clued up on the very best towns and villages in Umbria, discover the perfect accompaniment – our fantastic ... We just returned from a tour of Umbria and Tuscany. Perfect town to use as a base. All these scenic hill towns boast fantastic views, charming old streets, great museums and plenty of history to tell. The beaches of Porto Ercole and Orbetelo, along with a spectacular. The 20 best boutique hotels in Tuscany. You can actually rent the villa from the movie or choose a villa like Borgo Il Melone. In terms of accommodation, I'm going to try to couchsurf or stay in a hostel when possible. Answer 1 of 5: We're planning on renting a villa in Tuscany next fall. I'm going to be heading to Italy with a plan to explore some less touristy towns by myself in Tuscany. 1. Hi Bianca Funny I was just thinking of you and wondering when you were sending out the next Italian “fix”! Cortona. Contents. Of course, all these hamlets worth a visit. The big debate is where to stay. Most people do. The towns are so historic dating at a time before Christ. Contact us and we will make our experience available to give you all the useful information and advice for visiting the best small villages to visit Tuscany countryside. We also guide you to the best restaurants, cafés, cocktail bars and other places nearby. Undoubtedly one of Umbria’s most beautiful hilltop towns, Orvieto – close to the border with Lazio – sits high atop a volcanic butte overlooking the scenic plains of the Umbrian southwest. Tuscany is one of Italy's most popular regions. New to Chowhound? I’m sorry I missed it as this town in Tuscany is oozing with charm. Farther south, but still in the less crowded Maremma region of Tuscany, is Monte Argentario, a small island connected to the coast by barrier beaches. Have you ever visited a small town in Tuscany? They are not the most famous, but they each have something we think of as special, as well as being off the beaten track. After hours, however, it’s very quiet, and it starts to feel much more like Tuscany’s other small, beautiful, hilltop towns. My wife and I are planning on an extended stay in Tuscany (30 days). Most people head for the popular hill towns and top places to go in Tuscany, but there are many smaller and less-visited places that are well worth a visit.Most of Tuscany's top towns are in the center, but many of the places where you'll see fewer visitors are in the region's far north or south.. The Best Hotels in Smaller Tuscan Towns. Although Tuscany has lots of beautiful towns, big and small, to keep you occupied for several visits, this first-timers’ list will take you on a tour of the classics: the places that jump to your mind when you think of Tuscany. We also know that this list does not consider all the wonderful places. Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy; 24. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. On my first trip to Tuscany I was, apparently, just a kilometer or 2 from this lovely Tuscan town. Here’s a list of the top 10 hill towns in Tuscany, selected from the many gorgeous medieval villages that dot our countryside. We'd … Staying at an agriturismo in the countryside without a car is a bit problematic unless you use some organized tours, that are the best way to go exploring small towns and villages in Tuscany. Share 130. Looking at the RS guide books and map, it seems that three places come to mind as a base. rocky coastline, are the main attractions here. Tuscany, with its spectacular cities, towns, and scenery, is one of Italy's top vacation destinations.Tuscany's many attractions include historic cities and art-filled museums and churches, great wine and food, medieval hill towns, beaches, and beautiful countryside.. Each part of the Tuscany region has its own unique personality. They are small and have the amenities of a city, yet are well positioned so you can explore the rest of this diverse region. Many villages are accessible by regional trains, but for the most autonomy, rent a car and … Southern Tuscan towns are perched up on hilltops overlooking green fertile valleys looking out to one another, the sun bouncing off their terracotta roofs. The northern Tuscan hills are home to rambling stone villages that straddle rivers. Orvieto. Pitigliano is a small town in Tuscany that is known as “little Jerusalem” because of its strong Jewish community over the centuries, though few Jews live there now. If you instead decide to discover the landscapes of Maremma Pisana and get close to the sea, take a break to enjoy the wonders of Montescudaio, and its Church of Santa Maria Assunta. We have taken four RS tours, including Village Italy (which was wonderful), and this trip we want to really slow down as well as visit as many hill towns as we can. Burano, Venice. Here are our favourite 5 to visit, stay in and explore. I would stay in Colle Val d'Elsa. It’s nice to stay at a villa near town so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, a pool in the countryside and the restaurants in town. What are your recommendations for small towns and villages in Tuscany. Where to stay: If you want to stay the night in one of most picturesque places in the world, we recommend checking in to the lovely CasaBurano, where … If you don’t like the idea of a tour, you mat base directly in Siena’s center and use the bus to reach the beautiful hill towns in the area. On the left is the Church of Santa Maria. Hi. For each potential base we have weighed up the pros and cons so that you have a good idea of what you’ll be able to see from there. “Umbria has all of what we imagine when we think of rural Italy: fantastic food, a slower pace of life, a deep love for family, and small hill towns that offer a great quality of life,” says expat Rebecca Winke. 219 Shares {47 comments… read them below or add one} Antoinette Hérivel. Being such a big region, many travelers choose to spend a few days in each of the must-visit spots in Tuscany. Pin 89. If you head to southern Tuscany, you can avoid the masses and experience the delights of the best Italian wine and food. We would really appreciate any advice/recommendations on small villages/towns to stay in Tuscany for a week. Among these, we chose our best 10 villages in Tuscany. You can find Montepulciano 600m high on an ancient limestone ridge and the views from this town of the surrounding countryside are to die for. Colle Val d'Elsa is a wonderful small walled town not very well known with the tourist scene yet. It’s really made up of only two streets. They are often surrounded by thick defensive walls and vaunt ancient gates and watch towers. Hotels that are so unique and beautiful that you do not want to leave your room. My fiance are going to Italy for our honeymoon. We have stayed in Praiano on the Almalfi Coast a few times and we are looking for somewhere in Tuscany with the same feel. Borgo Bucciano is the ideal place to reach the best small villages to visit Tuscany countryside: it is located in a strategic location and will allow you to reach the most fascinating places, only a few kilometers away. Lila | Feb 18, 2004 01:17 PM 12. The group will have several cars to use and some people have never been to Italy. The attributes we are interested in are: • small village/town, not keen on any crazily busy locations This small town located in close proximity to Siena is a true hidden gem and is one of the best kept secrets in Tuscany. One thing is for sure, you could spend a lifetime exploring the beautiful villages in Tuscany. AROUND LUCCA AND PISTOIA. Famous towns in Tuscany. At the moment, I have Volterra, Siena and Lucca on my list. Let’s take a look at where to stay in Tuscany. Our 10 Most Beautiful villages in Tuscany. While this Tuscan town is considered to be one of the prettiest villages in Italy, you won’t need more than a few hours to visit it. Easy to get to all of the towns the one reply mentioned. Sure, Florence has world-famous art museums housing Renaissance masterpieces, medieval churches, incredible shopping, and plenty of amazing restaurants, but to truly understand Tuscany, you’ve got to get out of the capital and explore the countryside. In the Piazza del Pretorio, you’ll see the elegant facade of the 13th-century Palazzo dell’Archivio, with its large clock and bell at the top. Florence Fivizzano is not a classic Tuscan town, and that's part of the reason I like it. These villages are often rich in art, too. Log In Sign Up. A 16th century synagogue in the town is a top sight. Florence. From sleepy Sicilian seaside escapes to postcard-perfect Tuscan hamlets, we’ve rounded up the 15 most beautiful small towns in Italy. it is between Siena and Florence. The hillside towns and villages like Montepulciano and Pienza offer travelers the chance to experience Tuscany at its most authentic.